Sugar Free Pecan Clusters

Sugar Free Pecan Clusters

from 5.99

So good, you'll never miss the sugar!

What is better than creamy caramel, pecans and chocolate? Sugar free and low carb, of course. We use fresh, raw pecans and cover with our new vanilla sugar free caramel and a stevia sweetened dark chocolate. It is the perfect blend of crunchy nuts, sweet caramel, and dark chocolate.

Due to the sensitive nature of chocolate, shipping chocolate in the summer is a battle against nature. We do our very best to ensure that your chocolate will arrive to you without melting. However, Curly Girlz Candy cannot be responsible for melted candies while in transit and do not offer refunds if this occurs. Your chocolate/candy is still fresh and healthy to consume and will taste just as delicious, even if melted!

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Milk Chocolate Pecan Clusters (NEW Tagatose Formula)

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Dark Chocolate Pecan Cluster (NEW Tagatose Blend)

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