It's Hot, Hot, Hot outside...but Curly Girlz Candy can still ship our delicious, handcrafted chocolates and confections during the summer months.

Choose Warm Weather Packaging from the "SHOP" and we'll include insulated shippers and ice packs to keep your candies as fresh as if you stopped by the store.

Absolutely INCREDIBLE confections! I couldn’t find anything to complain about, which is so unlike me!
And yes, your nut rolls are the best I’ve had. I actually DO like them, I just hadn’t fallen in love till now.
Thanks so much and keep up the outstanding work!
— Jonny "Candy Guru"

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Curly Girlz Candy was founded to satisfy the sweet tooth of those who have a taste for the best!  You’ll savor the smooth creaminess of our caramels, experience the rich vibrant flavors of our all natural fudge and taste the difference fresh, local ingredients make and the personal attention that goes into all of our candies.

Our professionally packaged candies are made fresh to order and we guarantee that they’ll remain fresh for up to 60 days—if they last that long!